Día de los Muertos

We are going to be celebrating the Day of the Dead on Wednesday, November 2nd.  I will need volunteers to help me make the sugar skulls on Monday (31st) from 7:30-10:00 am.  I also need a few volunteers to donate a few ingredients for the  skulls, icing and decorations.

Needed for sugar skulls

One-5 lb. pack of sugar

Merengue Powder for skulls and icing

Food Coloring (Paste not liquid)

Feathers, sequence and colored foil paper.

Orange Napkins

Thank you so much for making this happen!!!


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5 responses to “Día de los Muertos

  1. MIA



    Hi Mrs. Sandoval, I can volunteer on Monday 7:30-10 am. Looking forward to sugar skulls!
    Mindy Schenk

  3. Mrs. Sandoval,
    I think I can bring the sugar.

  4. freshie

    this is frida gonzalez🙂

  5. Annette Otero

    Judy will bring in the sugar

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